• Felony Charges Dismissed State v. J.P.
    Combat veteran charged with felony theft. Ms. Tignor identified several issues with the State’s case and was able to negotiate with Prosecution to have all charges dismissed.
  • DUI Dismissed State v. C.K.
    “Drug Recognition Expert” officer falsely accused client of DUI. Client was college professor and career was in jeopardy. Ms. Tignor obtained the blood test report from the state lab and determined that there were no illegal substances in client’s system, despite officer’s insistence that the report showed client was under the influence.
  • Felony Dismissed after Motion Hearing State vs. A.H.
    Client charged with felony obstruction. Charge dismissed after Ms. Tignor argued motion based on Double Jeopardy.
  • DUI Dismissed - Jury Trial State v. J.L.
    Client, Commercial Vehicle Driver, charged with Possession of Marijuana and DUI drugs. State could not prove the DUI charge and the case resulted in a hung jury. Client was only convicted of traffic offense and was able to keep his commercial driver’s license.
  • Not Guilty Verdict - Jury Trial State v. J.S.
    Client, passenger in a vehicle, charged with drug possession. Jury returned verdict of not guilty.
  • Not Guilty Verdict - Bench Trial State v. L. J.
    Client was charged with domestic violence battery. Ms. Tignor argued that evidence showed that client was actually the victim. Judge returned a verdict of not guilty.
  • DUI Reduced to Traffic Offense State v. A.D.
    Client, college student, was charged with DUI. DUI would have prevented client from obtaining career in medical field. Charge was reduced to a traffic offense, and client was able to successfully graduate and obtain job with hospital.
  • DUI Reduced to Traffic Offense State v. M.D.

    Client charged with DUI. Ms. Tignor negotiated reduction to Reckless Driving.

  • Felony Drug Charge Dismissed State v. M.L.
    Client charged with felony possession of cocaine and drug related object. Ms. Tignor negotiated with State to allow client to enter into a diversion program which resulted in a full dismissal of all charges and expungement of arrest.
  • Ignition Interlock Waiver - Granted State v. CR
    Client had been previously convicted of DUI and was seeking an order from the court exempting him from requirement that ignition interlock device be installed on his vehicle. Court granted motion and client was able to get license privileges reinstated.